US English International keyboard without dead keys, with Asturian characters (Ḷḷ and Ḥḥ) for Windows.

It is the United States International keyboard layout but without the two dead keys: ` ~ and ' ". And with the two Asturian special characters Ḷḷ (che vaqueira) and Ḥḥ (hache aspirada).

Right Alt + l =

Right Alt + Shift + L =

Right Alt + h =

Right Alt + Shift + H =


Ctrl + left Alt + l = ḷ

Ctrl + left Alt + Shift + L = Ḷ

Ctrl + left Alt + h = ḥ

Ctrl + left Alt + Shift + H = Ḥ

Note: Ḷ replace Ø (Unicode 00d8), ḷ replace ø (Unicode 00f8).

Made with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 for Windows 10 and Windows 11.


  1. Download the repository
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run setup.exe
  4. Select US - Asturian - Without dead keys as your new keyboard layout
  5. Restart Windows


GNU Affero General Public License from the Free Software Foundation .

US English International keyboard layout without dead keys

Get it at USINTWDK repository.

Spanish keyboard layour with dead keys, Ḷḷ and Ḥḥ

Get it at ESASTDK repository.