[Notes] Network Planning and Administration: Simulation Tools

Miguel Menéndez

Computer network simulation tools.

Packet Tracer

Configuration to do the simulations:

Simulation tab > Event List tab > In the Event List Filters section, Edit List button > Uncheck the Show all box > Only check ICMP


In Packet Tracer, the copper FastEthernet network adapters are called PT-HOST-NM-CFE, solid black cable.

Configure a router’s network adapter

Config tab > Interface: FastEthernet0/0 > IPAddress: > Subnet Mask: > Check Port Status: On

The same, through commands (CLI tab):

Router> enable
Router# conf t
Router(config)# int Fa1/0
Router(config-if)# ip address
Router(config-if)# no shutdown

Connect two routers (serial)

The sockets and serial cable (red lightning bolt with clock) are used.

Configure the serial adapter (one of the two adapters (the DCE, shown in Packet Tracer with a clock on the red wire) must have clock rate enabled - the other adapter must have the clock rate disabled is the DTE-):

Config tab > Interface: Serial2/0 > IPAddress: (if /30) > Clock Rate: Not Set > Check Port Status: On

The same, through commands (CLI tab):

Router(config)# int Se2/0
Router(config-if)# ip address
Router(config-if)# clock rate 64000
Router(config-if)# no shutdown

(Remember the clock rate, only in the adapter with a clock, in the other one not)


Set up wireless access point and computer with wireless adapter:

Pin a generic wireless access point to a switch or router:

Config tab > Interface: Port 1 > SSID: WhatEver > In Authentication section, check WEP: WhatEver

Assemble a new generic computer that will have to be turned off, change the FastEthernet network adapter to a Linksys-WMP300N wireless adapter, boot the computer and configure:

Config tab > Interface: Wireless > SSID: WhatEver > In section Authentication, check WEP: WhatEver

(If not DHCP, configure IP, Mask, Gateway…)

Optical fiber

In Packet Tracer, the fiber optic adapter is called PT-HOST-NM-1FFE, solid orange cable (remember to turn off the machine to change adapters).

Connect laptop to switch/router console mouth

The blue cable from the RS232 port of the laptop to the console port of the switch or router is used. On the Desktop of the laptop a Terminal (not Command Prompt) opens with the default settings. That terminal is used as the Packet Tracer CLI.


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